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I am working on things. I promise! Unfortunate, as I mentioned on my About Liz page, I have ADD and without health insurance, I can't afford the medication. I have about fifteen stories going right now. And even more ideas I'm jotting down everyday. Unfortunately, that means I'm not finishing anything.

For those asking about Bastian's story. I did write it, but I hated it. Then I tried to fix it and only made it worse. I have decided to throw it out and start from scratch. I like Bastian and I want you to like him too. So, I'm writing it from scratch and it is going better this time around.

I'm also working hard on the fourth installment of the Tiger Tales series. I have recently received requests that I write a full length novel in this series. So, I'm retooling my plans and while it will take a bit longer, I'm hoping I can accommodate the wishes.

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Escaped: Interplanetary League*
Bastian & Ellipse

Untitled: Tiger's Tales #4

Untitled: Fae Thee Well*

Untitled: Fae Thee Well (novella)*

*Tentatively Titled